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10.2. Accommodation Type

Use the Accommodation window to setup accommodation types for a property. This includes setting up accommodation information available on the calendar.


To Create an Accommodation Type:

Enter the details required and click the Save toolbar button to add this record to the business/property structure.

To Edit the Accommodation Type:

Click the Edit button on the toolbar, make the required changes and click Save to record the changes.

To Save the Accommodation Type:

After creating or editing a record click Save on the toolbar to record the changes.

To Delete the Accommodation Type:

Click the Edit button on the toolbar to access edit-mode. Click the Delete button on the toolbar to delete the record.

Working with inactive records:

If a deleted record has not been used within the system it will be permanently deleted. If the record has been used within the system before it is deleted, on deletion it will be flagged as 'inactive', this means it will remain visible on the code table for reporting and auditing purposes but will not be available in future selections within the system. An inactive record can be re-activated by changing the record status to active when in edit mode (the status option is only available once a record has been flagged 'inactive').

Terms and Definitions

Name A free format field to enter the accommdation name.
Abbreviation An abbreviation field for reporting and display purposes. Where an accommodation name exceeds 10 characters, the abbreviation will be shown on the calendar.
Number of units Total number of units of this type of accommodation at the specified property.
Beds per unit Number of beds in the specified accommodation unit.
Note (for calendar) A free format notes field where the user can enter a description of the accommodation unit. This information will be visible on hover over the accommodation name on the calendar.

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