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18.3. Function Access

Allocating modules a user has access to and what type of access they have in each module is setup in the Access Control: Functions window.

To Allocate Access Control Function rights:

Select the function rights from the Access Control: Function window by clicking the radio button on the applicable row in the required 'rights' column. Function access rights include:

  • None: this will not allow the user to access the module from the main menu (the module is usually grey and cannot be clicked)
  • Read: the user can access this module, but can only view information, they cannot create or update any information
  • Update: the user can access, updated and delete information in the respective modules
  • Management: this is the highest level of access on functions, management rights are different depending on the module

To Save the Access Control Function rights:

After applying the access function rights, click the Save or Save and Close button on the pop-up — this will save the changes and update the Access Group by displaying the number of functions the user has access to in the read, update or management columns.

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