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9.5. ResRequest Interfaces | Point of Sale and Stock Control


ResRequest Interfaces | Point of Sale and Stock Control


Looking for a solution that will help you efficiently manage stock reordering? Give you control over your sales? Reduce threats such as fraud? A Point of Sale system with Stock Control is the answer. 

ResRequest clients benefit further by automatically recording sales on guest invoices for integrated invoicing and fast, efficient check-outs.

Historically Point of Sale (POS) refers to a till at the point of purchase by a sales clerk, for example at the bar counter or in the curio shop.

A modern POS system is vastly superior to a till in that it performs many more functions including inventory management, stock control, and reordering. Additional functions include recording of transactions by user and price control and management.

POS systems also enable management to run multiple POS locations and distribution points with a central database for reporting. POS systems are designed to identify stock changes and price abuse in order to eliminate fraud and reduce management overhead. 

Using a POS system will ensure that front-of-house areas such as bar and curio shops and back-of-house areas such as kitchen and housekeeping, are run efficiently while automatically charging transactions to guest accounts, preparing order notifications, posting to accounting systems and producing business reports showing sales trends, price discrepancies and profits.



The right POS system will streamline your business operations in several areas including: inventory management, purchasing, sales and reporting.

Inventory Management
A POS solution gives you the ability to control inventory by categorising and tracking items. This ensures adequate stock levels which increases productivity and sales. Administration burden is dramatically reduced.
A stock controller is notified of purchasing requirements and orders quickly and easily sent to suppliers. Receipted orders automatically adjust stock levels. Orders are tracked and late delivery escalated.
The POS terminal can run a tab, receipt cash sales, or send transactions to ResRequest for consolidated invoicing. Stock levels are automatically adjusted.
Reports & Analysis
A POS system produces daily sales reports and journals. POS reports are designed to identify sales trends, cash point performance and accurately reflect cost versus sales price.



ResRequest offers an automated interface between the ResRequest Property Management module and a client's preferred POS solution. With this best-of-breed approach, clients can choose a POS solution that is perfectly suited to their needs and ResRequest will seamlessly integrate POS sales with front-of-house and accounts.



A POS configuration typically consist of POS terminals installed in each service location such as the bar, curio shop and restaurant. POS terminals can be a computer or a robust touch screen unit that supports a receipt printer and a cash register.

To consolidate POS transactions, each terminal is connected to a central computer which runs POS software. This computer also runs ResRequest's POS interface which is responsible for automatically recording POS sales on the ResRequest guest account.

At guest check out ResRequest generates the guest account as an invoice and payment is recorded. Sales and receipts reflected in ResRequest are posted to the General Ledger via ResRequest's financial interface.

The illustration below shows the POS sales cycle from guest check in to guest check out.



With ResRequest's POS interface, clients can select their preferred POS solution and confidently manage stock and sales. 



For information on the POS products offered by established interface vendors, please contact them at the contact details below:

Speak to: Robbie Frade
Email: robbief@jamesralph.com 
Telephone: +27 (0) 11 314-8888
Mobile: +27 (0) 82 821 3117
Website: www.jrpos.co.za

Speak to: Carl
Email: carlj@powerpos.co.za
Mobile: +27 (0)  72 345 8350
Website: www.powerpos.co.za 

By: Jill Bennett-Howes

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