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39.2. Online Options: Your Website - Sell Bed Nights to Direct Guests

Sell Bed Nights to Direct Guests

Your marketing team have done a sterling job ensuring your web users are drooling and actively trawling your website for the latest sightings and news. Next you want to be sure that you have the right web pages in place so that when your guest are ready to check availability or buy their next bed nights - they can.

ResRequest caters for these tools with our online ResRequest booking pages or via our interface which enables your web designer to customise their own availability and booking pages. Credit card payments can be linked with both these options.


Your Web Designer Customises Your Availability and Bookings using our Interface.

How does this option work?
Your web developer creates your booking pages with a connection to the ResRequest interface which means you can access availability from ResRequest and create bookings directly into ResRequest. These pages are hosted on your own website. Credit card gateways can be setup by your web developer and the payment can be reflected on the ResRequest booking.

What are the benefits of this option?
Booking pages can be completely customised.

How do I set this up?
Email our Call Centre to initiate the process. The process includes: signing of our non-disclosure agreement, a walkthrough of our interface document with your web developer, linking your developer to our test site and then co-ordinating your required website access and setting up the live connection.

What is the cost?
There is no monthly cost for access between your website and your ResRequest system. Support and technical assistance is provided to your web developer at our annually published technical / functional support fees.

[Sample below courtesy of Tongabezi and web designer, Wildweb]



Use ResRequest's Online Booking Pages

How does this option work?
Customise the look of the ResRequest booking pages for a seamless flow between your website and the ResRequest booking pages. Make use of our credit card payment gateway to enable payments.

What are the benefits of this option?
Limited development required and established credit card gateway already implemented.

How do I set this up?
Email our Call Centre to request assistance with the rebranding. Our web design team will provide a quotation based on your design brief (this is a fixed once-off fee). Following this you will receive static samples of the screens for your approval. Once a design is approved, these pages will be developed and uploaded on your ResRequest servers. Once the screens are live your web designer can add a 'Book now' or 'Check availability' link on your website which will direct users to your customised ResRequest booking pages.

What is the cost?
The online booking pages are included in ResRequest - there is no additional fee for the use of these pages. Our credit card charges are per our annually produced price list. If our ResRequest designs your custom pages, a once-off design fee is quoted for this work following your design brief. If your web designer customises the booking pages support and technical assistance is provided to your vendor at our annually published technical / functional support fees.

[Sample below courtesy of Remote Africa Safaris and web designer, Active Ice



Use ResRequest's Online Booking plugin, ResNova.

How does this option work?
ResNova acts as an availability display widget on your webpage which can be customised to show availability, make bookings and even make payments. It's a plugin set up in your website backend, available for WordPress or standard HTML sites. This is linked to your ResRequest database so one may select which camps are be displayed and how they are displayed - either through a calendar matrix or a quick search.

What are the benefits of this option?
The availability display is highly customisable in terms of what camps you want to display as well as the look and feel of display.

How do I set this up?
Email our Call Centre and they will set up a bridge connection between your ResRequest database and a ResNova account. Once established, account credentials will be sent to you. Your web developer can use these credentials to set up ResNova in your website backend. They may follow detailed instructions on how to do this through our WordPress  and standard HTML setup guidelines and customise the displays according to your requirements.

What is the cost?
If you're a ResRequest client than using ResNova is absolutely free! If you chose to enable credit card payments off the ResNova availability display, then you will have to set up your own payment gateway through PayGate. These fees you will have to settle with paygate directly.

[Sample below of a ResNova demo page, photograph courtesy of Tongabezi]




Credit card payments on your web site

Extending your booking form to offer a credit card 'Pay Now' option on your website is a convenient, time-saving, secure method of accepting payment from your customer. The ResRequest Credit Card Interface makes this possible. Take a look at some great start up information on credit card payments:



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By: Jill Bennett-Howes
March 2013

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