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9.25. ResRequest Interface: Online credit card payments


ResRequest Interface: Online credit card payments

When our customers research options for online payments, I find there are a few common questions they often ask me. These questions are included below to help you, as you workshop this strategy for your lodge.


How does ResRequest handle credit card payments?

ResRequest offers two online booking options. Each of these options can generate a credit card payment which can be recorded on the ResRequest booking.

  1. The ResRequest booking form: ResRequest's booking form includes a credit card transaction step. This step very simply routes the booker to a secure payment gateway and then confirms the reservation.
  2. The ResRequest interface: Customers who have created their own booking form and generate availability, rates and bookings using the ResRequest API. The booking process can be extended on your booking form to include payments with your preferred gateway. This payment interface is developed and supported by your web developer. Payments are then automatically recorded on ResRequest bookings.
  3. The ResRequest Pay Now form: Perfect for customers that would like to offer their guests and agents the ability to pay deposits or settle accounts online.
  4. The ResRequest Record Payment function: Once a payment gateway is setup your staff can process credit card payments from any of ResRequest's "Record Payment" functions.


Can I see some examples of how this works?

Yes! Take a look at our attached online payments information pack.


What will online credit cards cost me?

There are typically 3 vendors involved in the process for online bookings. Each vendor may apply a cost for the credit card transaction.

  1. ResRequest, or your online booking form
    Your online booking form is free of charge. 
  2. Credit card payment gateway
    The payment gateway is the online company who automates the transaction payment between the bank merchant e.g. Visa or MasterCard, and your bank. The gateway is responsible for providing a safe and secure service when verifying the credit card holder's details. The payment gateway will have an agreement in place with your bank and generally negotiate transaction fees.
  3. Your merchant bank
    Each bank agreement differs depending on their policies. In some cases banks have aligned with payment gateways to ensure that they can offer bundled competitive charges.


Can online credit cards replace my swipe machine for ad hoc payments and guest check outs?

To remain competitive payment gateways can offer several online services that facilitate ad hoc payments. Examples of these services include: replacement of swipe machines and emailing secure payment link to debtors.


What are the credit card payment gateways ResRequest interfaces to?

As clients and banks have approached us we have developed interfaces to the most frequently recommended products. These products include:

For more information on this service contact us:

Email: info@resrequest.com| Tel: +27 (0) 31 762-2729 
Website: www.resrequest.com | Support Tel: +27 (0) 35 772-5615


By: Jill Bennett-Howes
September 2013
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