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13.8. Defaults Tabs: Financials

System set up

Normally a 'per stay' component is charged once per itinerary item. However, sometimes a stay can be split over multiple itinerary items. This can happen, for example, when an itinerary item spans a rate period boundary and the system automatically generates an item per period. Another example is when different room configurations are required. These situations can result in 'per stay' components being allocated on each itinerary item when they are only supposed to be applied once.

To prevent this from happening the "No charge per stay" component can be added as an optional on any itinerary lines on which 'per stay' charges are to be suppressed. This can be done by simply including the 'No charge per stay' component as an optional component in the rate set up.

The options on the System Defaults provide the facility to streamline the above process.



Enable 'No charge per stay' component

If this is set to 'Yes', then the 'No charge per stay' component can be selected on any itinerary item, without it having to be included in the rate set up.


Automatically apply 'No charge per stay' component

This option is only available if the previous option has been set to 'Yes'.


When this option is set to 'Yes', the system automatically applies the special component to any itinerary items that share a common accommodation type with the first item.




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