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9.15. Using ResRequest to care for your customer


CRM: Using ResRequest to care for your customer 

So you know that caring for your customer is the secret to a successful sales pipeline and it all seems easy when you lean back in your chair conjuring up puffy pink clouds with dollar signs, happy tourists blabbing on facebook, and shareholders clapping you on the back. A pretty picture, until you realise how much hard work it is to constantly chase the red eye flight, live in recycled clothes - nursing a hangover from the previous night's social gathering, all while syrupy-sweetly talking that unimpressed guest down from the twitter ledge. Add to that the constant challenges of managing leads from different places, different colleagues and different devices and pretty soon that puffy pink cloud evapourates and you feel like you haven't got enough bandwidth in your head - let alone enough bandwidth on your 3G to consolidate all your leads on your office server.

While ResRequest may not be able to fix clothes and hangovers, it is able to give you information and some product features that may help you as you strive to tap into the holy grail of effective customer relationship management. 

Customer relationship management is traditionally the ability to record and track interactions with leads, with the objective of converting them into a sales pipeline. Most often, CRM systems are used to control this lead information, marketing campaigns and market response. The information that is recorded can later on be analysed to come up with creative strategies to target trending sales opportunities and manage common customer-related problems.

As your central reservation and property management solution, ResRequest forms an active part in the relationship with your customer. Reservations require a certain amount of contact data and will inherently show the nature of customer interactions. Over time some of our customers have asked us to add CRM features that will help them with their CRM strategy. We do not profess to be an enterprise CRM management tool like Zoho or SugarCRM, but for those of you who manage your contacts on Excel - our contact management tools may be the holy grail you've been looking for!

In addition to tracking contact related reservation information during the sales and service cycles, ResRequest's contact and CRM modules cater for managing profiles and interactions with your agents and guests to give them the support needed. Together with our statistical reports, and a few hangovers, ResRequest will be able to help you deliver an effective customer management strategy.

To find out more about the features available to you, take a look at our Customer Management Starter Pack
If you would like business advice on how to integrate ResRequest into your customer care strategy, email our Consulting Team


By: Jill Bennett-Howes
November 2013

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