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9.1. Working with Code Tables

Working with Code Tables

Code Tables are the building blocks of your ResRequest system. Before you can work with Rates, Reservations, Contacts and other modules you need to set up your reference information in Codes Tables. We generally refer to information set up in a Code Table as records.


Each Code Table governs a different set of data - but most code tables work in a similar way:

Tips when working with Code Tables

Concepts of Code Tables


Inactive Records

If a deleted record has not been used, it will be permanently deleted. If the record has been used it cannot be deleted as it is needed for reporting, so instead it is flagged as inactive. Inactive records are available for reporting but they are not available for use on new bookings or events. Inactive records are shown with an 'x' in the Code Table's inactive column. These records can be re-activated by editing the record and changing the 'Record status' drop down from 'Inactive' to 'Active'.


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