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21.1. Deleting Duplicate Agents

You cannot delete a Agent that has Reservations (past or future) or Consultants linked to it.

To delete a Duplicate Agent with Consultants linked to it:

  1. Find the Agent you wish to delete, and mark the name with an * to differentiate it from the duplicate Contact you want to keep. E.g. "Africa Safaris" becomes "Africa Safaris*".
  2. Save
  3. Then go into the Agent toolbox
  4. Click on 'Linked Contacts' and select a Contact and ensure you are in Edit mode - you will have to follow the next steps for each Linked Contact:
  5. If you want to move the Contact to the duplicate Agent you wish to keep:
    1. Change the Agent under 'Agent Relationship' and Save
  6. If you want to delete the Contact:
    1. Click the Trashbin
  7. You can now delete the Agent, if there are no Reservations associated with it. If there are Reservations:


  1. Search for all Reservations from the * Agent: Reports > Reservations > Standard Reports:
    - set Date Range to "All"
    - set Prop/Accom to "All"
    - set Status to "All"
    - under Advanced Options - select the * Agent - and "Generate List Report"
  2. Open the first Reservation on the Report - change the Agent and Contact to the duplicate Agent without the * - then click on the Next Record arrow to amend the next Reservation on the Report. You can work through the whole report using the Next Record and Previous Record arrows.
  3. Once you have moved all Reservations associated with the Agent - you can go back into the Contact Record and click the Trashbin to delete the Agent from the system.

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