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4.2. Highlights 2014

Some highlights to mention from this year - give back projects, industry events and team snips.


Our Pintech

We thought you'd enjoy a trip down 2014's memory lane, culminating in our culinary adventure Christmas bash. Scroll to the bottom to see what our whacky geeks look like when you take away their keyboards and shove rolling pins in their hands instead ;) 

From left: Nicol, Tash and Jaco get into Gobii - we know you want one too! Our Durban crew get down to foosball in style. Newbie, Ant, is in awe as TK shows him the gramophone on our "bring your oldest technology to work" day.

This year our team embraced online training. The brief: "Pick anything you want to learn about". The crew did not disappoint, from photography to fashion design and selling your own books online, the team loved every bit of it. They also took more serious lessons away and exchanged skills on courses like: Customer care (TK - left), Business writing (Chirlaine - middle) and Managing your manager (Nomfundo - right).

We released, Centauri, with a matching cosmic party. Wondering how Centauri got its name? Stars inspire us with oxymorons of myth and the science, close and vast, total control but completely random and wild. As one of the closest stars to our solar system, it was the perfect choice for this release. Of course, the fact that every geek is totally fascinated with Vulcans, Romulans, Clones and Ewoks certainly helped! Take a look at what's in Centauri.


This year we made sure we gave back

Our team loves to help others and we make sure we find ways to give back to our community. Here are some projects we've made a difference to... 

  Donald Barnett, an artist passionate for Africa as much as he is for his art and people, inspired us so much that we wanted to help with his outreach initiative, Mamma Gogo. Donald's aim is to travel through Africa in his landy which, as every Land Rover owner knows, has her own spirit and name. Donald's landy is called Mamma Gogo. His documented trip includes immersing himself into community projects where he aims to facilitate outreaches through art. This year Donald spent his time gathering sponsorship and direction. We're excited to hear his route in 2015!  

Movember has become a tradition amongst the guys in Durban. This year our guys wanted to make sure that our ladies were included so they popped moustaches into care packages to ensure the ladies could join in with this great cause.

     Whether it's dog, cat, horse, budgie, dwarf hamster, bearded dragon or whip scorpion, our team all agree that our pets are very important to us. This year we looked for different ways to help our furry (and scaly) friends and our local Highway SPCA were thrilled to let us help. Between opting for garden and entrance improvements, SPCA elected to put our help to use, by adding some improvements to their cattery.
  Tash gave up some office time to help with The Wellness Centre Trust, a charity we support. Tash helped process ID applications with Home Affairs. These were for about 50 of the destitute people that the Trust are assisting back into society. Our crew even helped in their personal capacities with donations of stationary and 2nd hand clothes.



We invited kids who love gaming, graphics and all things 1's and 0's to sign up for "Groot Club", a ResRequest computer club for kids and clans. Being keen computer geeks - and having equally keen computer geek kids - we thought it would be a great way to share skills and inspire some budding Bill Gates' (and of course to get some great gaming tips!). Our crew now spend most Saturdays playing Minecraft *ahem* teaching kids about all things tech.


Red Carpets

INDABA, Durban | 10-12 May 2014     SATSA Conference, Stellenbosch | 7-9 August 2014

Indaba was a great opportunity to connect with clients and new prospects.

  Jill was invited to sit on a "Technology for Tour Operators" panel during this year's SATSA AGM (South African Tourism Services Association).

E-Tourism Africa Summit, Cape Town
4-5 September 2014

  East Africa E-Tourism Conference, Nairobi
29-30 September 2014

Tash attended the annual summit in Cape Town to glean more insights into the digital travel world and about curating content.


We were thrilled to be invited to present at the East Africa E-Tourism Conference this year. Jill spoke on "Your Business Online" and whilst in Kenya she caught up with clients, prospects and ran some exciting sessions on how to leverage ResRequest reports.


Our crew  

From Star Wars geeks to Pixar fans and adrenalin junkies, we're a pretty lively bunch at ResRequest. We thought you'd like to find out a little more about what makes each of our team-tick, so we setup a team page for you to find out more about the people behind the screen.      We added a page on our website to share the things we love. Now you can keep up to date with a few of our favourite things...

Nicolaas (Nicol)
 van der Merwe (left) and Anthony Shepherd (right) joined our development team as a developer and tester. Anthony is obsessed with quality control and Nicol, well we think he's some crazy alien that's been sent here to introduce some amazing, inter-planetary stuff to ResRequest. 



End of year team building celebration 

We wrapped up this year with departmental reviews and a culinary adventure day away to learn some new skills. If you'd like to taste the delicious dishes we prepared, just take a look at the attached recipes.



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