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6.1. Transferring Money from One Booking to Another (Res Transfer)

You can easily transfer money from one booking to another (for the same Agent - or a different Agent) - if a booking cancels, or over-pays (for instance):

Before you begin - speak to your System Administrator about adding 2 items to your Code Tables:

  1. Create a Cash Point called "Reservation Credit Transfer" - for each currency used in your system. (Administration > Setup > Code Tables > Financials > Bank/Cash Point)
  2. Create a Payment Method called "Reservation Credit Transfer". (Administration > Setup > Code Tables > Financials > Payment Method)

On the Reservation from which you are taking money

  1. Go to the Financials > Payments tab
  2. Record a Payment as follows:
    1. Cash Point: Reservation Credit Transfer
    2. Payment Method: Reservation Credit Transfer
    3. Amount should be a negative (-)
    4. Then add the Reservation # to which you are transferring the money - and add a positive for same amount.

If you run a Payments by Group Report - you will see the balance in that Cash Point is 0 - this should always be the case. Money is transferred in and out at the same time.

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