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2.1. ResNova Announcements




We want you to have a great product  

Here are our latest features and updates for ResNova.

Not seeing any of the latest changes?

All ResNova releases from Version 1.5.1 are available on the ResNova back office only, so if you're using the WordPress plugin you won't see these latest features in your WordPress backend.

To utilize these great new features just log in through the ResNova back office using your Bridge account username and password. Create and edit your ResNova calendars and search widgets from here.

Not sure what your Bridge account username and password details are?

Easily access these details from your ResNova WordPress plugin by selecting the Bridge Account button from the menu bar. 

Why aren't the latest features available on the WordPress plugin?

We want to keep giving you a great product with as many new enhancements as possible. Supporting both the WordPress plugin and the ResNova back office was taking up so much development time we opted to invest further development in the ResNova back office only. This ensures we can keep adding great new features for you. If you're using the plugin already  don't worry! We are still offering support and maintenance for this product. Remember, you can always pop your widgets into a WordPress website using the ResNova back office so the plugin is not a must-have for WordPress users.

Show the Available count

ResNova Version 1.5.1 
Posted on 5th June 2017 

Show the Available count on the information popup by easily selecting the 'Display available count' on the Matrix tab. This popup appears whenever a user selects a specific day on the availability calendar.

Select the 'No Children' option

ResNova Version 1.5.1
Posted on 5th June 2017

Select the No Children option under the Locations tab in your ResNova site

If you have some properties that don't offer a child rate, you need your bookers to know!

This is not necessarily the case for all your properties so we've made sure this setting can be applied for each property individually.

Select the 'No Children' option at the relevant property listed on the Locations tab. 

This enables a 'No children allowed' note on the information popup instead of displaying the Maximum child age. In addition, the child selection field on the Book popup is no longer available for this property and only adults may be booked.

Show rates in your calendar

ResNova Version 1.5.1 
Posted on 5th June 2017 

We're developing an exciting new feature for your ResNova Matrix calendars which allows you to display rates in the calendar instead of your availability count. Just toggle the selection under the 'Display information in matrix grid' section to either 'Show available count' which will look like this:

or select the 'Show rates' option to display your rates instead:

The Show rates option displays two rates, the top rate is a single person rate and the second is the rate times the average pax per room (which is often two people). 

Please be aware that this is a Beta release of this functionality so and it will increase the loading time of your calendar. 

What is Beta software?
In software, a Beta version is a pre-release version which has gone through in-house testing but is in its first phase of being introduced to its intended audience. This functionality may still undergo some changes.

Optimise loading time

ResNova Version 1.4.5
WordPress Plugin 1.2.6
Posted on 27th Oct 2016

Would you like to optimise the loading time for your ResNova calendar or quick search? 

We made some changes to the way the ResNova widget pulls availability from your ResRequest system so it can cache / store availability every 5 minutes. This ensures much faster loading speeds! Although your ResNova system will automatically default to showing realtime stock, we recommend changing to the caching option for a highly satisfactory user experience. 

If you have set your ResNova widget to enable Bookings, the system will pull live availability from ResRequest (not just relying on the cached information) when the customer requests to book. This ensures that the chance of overbooking is significantly reduced.

Note: If you have a property interface on more than one ResNova system e.g. you have one set up on your website and your marketing agent has one set up on their website, they will show the same availability. 

Want it? All you have to do is

  1. Email our support team so they can get the back office set up for you.
  2. Update your ResNova plugin in your plugins section (for WordPress users only).
  3. When the back office setup is complete, navigate to each ResNova interface and under the General tab, change the connection setting to the 'Availability is cached every 5 minutes' option.

If you're not sure how to do this please follow the links for our ResNova user guides for WordPress websites and HTML / Non-WordPress websites and ask your web developer to assist you.


Show live Availability on your website

Version 1.4.0
Posted on 2nd July 2015

ResNova is a customisable booking plugin that connects availability and bookings from ResRequest to your website. It can be embedded anywhere on your site and it integrates seamlessly with your other content so an availability display can look like this...

 ResNova is available in a calendar matrix (above) and a quick search (below).


It is highly customisable so you can control if your viewers are limited to just viewing availability or whether they can contact the reservations manager, book directly from the website and even pay online through Paygate.

The look and feel can be customised to your preference as the display and button colours may be changed at any time. Even photos and additional lodge information may be added.

Property and room type descriptions, google maps and photo galleries are called from data setup in ResRequest's Business Structure - this is available to customers running ResRequest version 6.3.1 or later.

 ResNova, version 1.4.0, applies to both WordPress and standard HTML websites.



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