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9.12. Team Snippets - Beginning of 2013

 Team Snippets

This year has been off to a running start and we have many projects on the go, along with new developments. We are not only growing in productivity but also in number.

We were as excited as the proud parents when Jack was born on 22nd of January. Congratulations to Dylan Bridgman and Daniela on their first gorgeous babe! 


We are expecting more babes this year (congrats TK, Paula and Nick!) - perhaps we will be opening a school one day ;)


Team Movements

This year has already brought international travel movements:

Mike Coppinger visited clients in Kenya and Tanzania on specific consulting projects and Chris Giles braved the African summer heat on the Kenya South Coast during an installation and training. 


Training and Consulting:

With the new certification programme now available, we expect to receive many more training requests and possibly plan a circuit roadshow in the near future, to give more opportunities for those confident users the chance to be certified on the system.

Our Consulting team have plans to travel more this year, beginning with Johannesburg in March and Nairobi, Kenya in April and would love to connect with you when in your areas. We will be in contact to see if you have any specific needs which we can help address to ensure you are maximising all ResRequest's benefits.

Did you know that we have a presence in Cape Town too? Paula Chaplin is based in the Cape and is available for consulting and training, should you be in the area.


Team Boost

This year our staff training programme continues to focus on Growth, looking closely at our strategy, ownership, support, innovation, communication and energy. We are confident that we will witness much development personally and as a company over the coming quarter.  


We have experienced much rain and flooding in many areas. Our office in Empangeni was affected by the water damage but have bounced back after this inconvenience.

Nomfundo Magagula and the team pressed on in our 'temporary' call centre Maxis cafe.


We may be technology geeks but we also care about our physiques. Some of the team enjoy getting outdoors to cycle, run or hike. Team Kloof recently embarked on an adventure to explore the stunning gorge setting, where the office is located.


Even by doing a couple of push ups in the office, Chirlaine Viljoen earns some impressive points.

The team celebrated Valentine's day and supported the worldwide campaign One Billion Rising in a stand against rape.

Jill Bennett-Howes entered a new era, celebrating a big birthday!


March 2013

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