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9.14. Business Card Exchange: HM Design: Better than Business Cards

HM Design - Better than Business Cards

For the last few years, The Gift, owned and managed by Henri Martin has been our champion curio supplier. The Gift, specialises in branded corporate gifts and are highly recommend.

Henri Martin a graphic designer by trade opened his own business a few years ago. He knew little about entrpreneuship or business management but after sitting down to write out a new plan for his life and taking a leap of faith, he opened The Gift, a service specialising in branded corporate gifts, www.thegift.co.za.

"It is not an easy decision to go out on your own and it's not one that should be taken lightly." says Henri "You need to have a watertight plan and then tremendous faith. The most difficult part is taking the first step, but I have learnt that you just need the courage to take that one step, after that the next step will follow, and the next...you succeed step by step." Henri's success with The Gift has not been without hard work. He has had to play all the roles within the company but a lot of satisfaction comes from achieving goals on your own steam. "You will never reach your potential if you define yourself by the title you are give and operate chiefly within this 'box'," says Henri, "limitations are only there because we put them there ourselves." Here is some advice from Henri: 

His best advice is ensuring your brand stays at the forefront of your consumer's mind by making use of corporate gifts. He says that he never uses business cards but branded pens instead.

Corporate gifts are the beginning of a relationship of giving and receiving between the customer and the company. They are also an excellent advertising opportunity for business owners with a limited budget. You get more exposure for less.

For more information on the full range of corporate gifts from The Gift, visit www.thegift.co.za.  

We wish Henri the very best and will support him whenever we get the opportunity, as no order seems to be to small or complicated.


By: Natasha Lynn

March 2013

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