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19.4. Rate Sheet

Rate Sheet




This function returns a list of existing rates, whereupon you can either edit the rate details or select a number of rates to copy the details for another rate.

The following filter selections are displayed.


The default selection of each filter is 'All'. Multiple selections may be made for each filter.

You can view further detail by ticking any or all of "Show Components", "Show Component Split" and "Show Amounts" and defining filters to search by and show:

You can further define how the Rate Sheet should look by using the "Report Builder". If nothing is selected here, no results will show. As with all Reports, you can save Profiles, so that you don't have to build the report every time you wish to view a Rate Sheet.


The output of the Rate Sheet is determined by which "Available Columns" you select. Click on a row to edit the rate. See the 'Rates tabs' section for a description of editing capabilities.


To copy rates, use the check boxes to select target rates (the rates to be copied to). Then click on the 'Copy / Overwrite' button. The system then prompts you to select a source rate from which to copy:


When you click on a row in the above screen, any existing data on the target rates are deleted and replaced by data copied from the selected source rate.





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