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19.5. Add Rates

Add Rates




This function returns a list of non-existent rates. Because of the potentially vast array of data that could be returned from this query, the search criteria have been limited. You have to fix one of the 3 search criteria (Accomm type / Period / Rate type). When you make your selection the remaining 2 filter fields are adjusted accordingly.


For example, if you select to search for 'Rate types', the system will return a list of rate types that have NOT been set up for the specified filter criteria for 'Prop / Accomm' and 'Rate period', as shown below.



You may click on a row in order to manually set up the rate.


Alternatively, you can tick one or more check boxes and then click on the 'Copy' button. The 'Copy' search box described in the previous section enables you to identify a rate from which to copy.


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