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19.6. Rate Tabs: Header

Rate Header






The words "To be advised" are displayed in the header area, below Currency, if a rate has not yet been fully set up.

A rate is considered to be TBA if any of the following conditions exists:

  • Component attributes have not been defined;
  • Component split has not been specified;
  • No rate amounts have been entered.

Override level

This selection governs the level at which an override may be specified:

  • None – No override permitted
  • Unit – O/ride specified per unit / room.
  • Person  - O/ride specified per person / night.
  • Stay – O/ride specified per stay / itinerary item.


O/ride Commissionable

Is the Amount you have specified as an Override subject to commission?


Single Supp. Comm.

Is the difference between the Sharing and Single rate (i.e. the single supplement) subject to commission?


Rounding direction

Do you wish to round your rates up or down?


Rounding scale

This selection governs the level to which you round your amounts charged. You can round to unit, nearest 10, nearest 100 or nearest 1000.

The pppn rate is not rounded – the total amount charged (for all pax and nights booked on an itinerary line) is rounded.

Waive value checks

If this check box is selected, the system does not perform any integrity checks on the amounts entered into for the rate. It therefore becomes possible to enter values in the 'Amounts' screen that do not match the breakdown of fixed values entered in the 'Component split' screen.


Use "Pax" rate group

This replaces all Rate Group values that have been saved on the Amounts tab with a single Rate Group called "Pax" – allowing for a rate to be charged irrespective of how many people from each rate group are staying in the accommodation.



Not Implemented


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