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19.9. Rate Tabs: Amounts

Rate Amounts

On this screen you specify the actual rate amounts to be charged. Amounts are specified per number of pax per rate group. 






Rate group headers

Rate group descriptions. Column per group linked to the rate. Display only.


Quantity headers

  • The number of rows shown is derived from the 'max capacity' number of pax recorded for the accommodation type.
  • The numbers represent the number of pax in a room.
  • Rows may not be added or removed.
  • Two rows are shown for single – 'Single' and 'Sharing'. 'Sharing' means sharing with another rate group, e.g. an adult sharing with a child. If no value is entered for '1 sharing', then the system uses the value under '1 Single' if such a situation arises. If there is no value entered under '1 Single', there is no default, e.g. if you entered 1 adult and no other pax, the rate would come out as TBA.


Rate amount per rate Group / Quantity combination.

  • The amount entered may not be less than the sum of the applicable fixed amounts entered in the component split.
  • The above check is not applied if the 'Waive value checks' option has been selected on the Rate Header screen



You can use the formula facility to edit values as follows:



When you click on 'Set Assumptions', the system automatically calculates the values of blank cells. It does this by determining the average value of the highest quantity in a column that does contain a value and then multiplying by each subsequent quantity. When assumptions have been calculated, the affected cells are shown in yellow until they are saved. While they are showing in yellow you can click on 'Clear Assumptions' to remove the assumed values.


The calculator utility can be used from any of the rate set up screens. It provides the facility to check the rate calculation for any combination of rate group quantities for a single night, showing the component breakdown.

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