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20.2. Applying Specials


How to apply a Special to a reservation?

When creating a new itinerary, if it qualifies for specials you will see the default special applied above the 'Make Booking' button. You may override the default special and select a new special if you have user access. Special overrides are stored in the system along with the user's ID plus the date and time of the override.


Whenever an itinerary item is added or changed, the composition of the full itinerary is evaluated against all active Specials (subject to the user's access rights).

The evaluation process follows these steps:

  1. If an invoice exists on the reservation, no Special will be automatically applied or removed.

  2. If an override Special is already in place, it will be retained, whether it qualifies or not.

  3. If there is no current Special, or the current Special no longer qualifies, the default Special is applied.

  4. If the current Special still qualifies but the reservation qualifies for a higher ranked Special, the system will apply the new default Special.

  5. If the reservation does not qualify for any Special and the current Special (without an override) no longer qualifies, the Special is removed.


  • When qualification quantities are specified, those quantities must be met on at least 1 night. When quantities are specified for multiple properties, they do not have to be met on the same night across all properties.

  • Skipped nights are ignored for purposes of evaluation.


How does the discount apply to the first itinerary line if the donor property is not specified?

If a donor property is not specified the discount is applied backwards from the last qualifying night of the booking.

How do you know if a Special has been applied to a reservation?

The Reservation Details screen shows which Special has been applied to the reservation. There is a ‘Special discount’ option on the drop-down at the end of the itinerary row, if a special benefit has been applied to the row. 

What happens to the rate when a Special is applied?

Once a Special has been selected, the system recalculates the rates on itinerary items that qualify for a benefit. Only 1 Special can be applied to a reservation.

When a Special is applied, the Special is linked to the beneficiary itinerary items and the Special discount amount per rate group, per component is recorded.


What happens if an itinerary item falls across a rate period boundary?

Only bed nights falling within the Special rate period qualify for the Special. In such a case, the system splits the itinerary item according to the rate periods and the Special is only applied to the item for the qualifying portion.

The calculation of the discount amount is affected by:

  1. Whether the discount has been specified as a fixed amount or a percentage.

  2. In the case of a percentage, it is affected by which components and rate groups qualify for commission calculation (i.e. only components with the commission indicator of 'Calculate', 'Calc & deduct' or 'Calc & deduct all' on the rate will qualify)

  3. The distribution of discount between components is governed by the proportional split between components that qualify for commission deduction (i.e. only components with the commission indicator of 'Calc & deduct' or 'Calc & deduct all' on the rate will qualify).

How do Specials criteria change the way in which the discount is applied?

  The percentage discount is calculated as follows:

        Discount %             x no. of beneficiary pax (pax receiving Special discount)

Total no. of itinerary pax

  The resultant discount percentage is then applied to all rate groups.

Variances and Rate Overrides

When special benefits are applied to a reservation, the system will apply the benefit to applicable itinerary lines, provided they do not contain a rate or variance override. Items with override or variance will be skipped by the benefit process. The user’s Special access rights will not affect this process.

  1. When a rate override or rate component override (Variance) is used on a reservation the application of the special will not be restricted. A special can be applied to a reservation that contains these overrides in one or more of the itineraries, but only the itineraries without an override will receive the special benefit.

  2. Overriding a rate or rate component (Varience) on a reservation that has a special applied will not drop the entire special, only the itinerary with an override will lose the special.

  3. Manual Selections are allowed when there is a rate override in place.

Once you have Specials set up and are applying them to reservations, you may want to check to see how much these discounts total to! Take a look at our page, Report on Specials, and see how easy it is to report on your reservations with specials. 


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