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20.3. Report on Specials

Get-in-the-know! How many Reservations have specials applied to them? How much discount are you offering on these specials? Who's overriding special application? Take a look at how you can easily answer these questions by reporting on Specials. 

Financial Analysis (Folio)

The Financial Analysis (Folio) Report, FAR, provides the ability to view all reservation data related to special qualification and application. Find the FAR report under Financials > Reports > Financial Analysis (Folio).

With FAR you will be able to report on the following:

Res Filters

Financials > Reports > Financial Analysis (Folio) > Select the 'Res filters' dropdown to set Specials report criteria. 


Is it possible to have reservations on which specials have been applied but with no benefit?

Yes. This situation can be caused by the way the special has been defined or by the benefit itinerary items being excluded by the report filters.

Data options

Go to the Select Data dropdown to select the appropriate Groups and Fields to report on Specials. Groups has the 'Special' option and Fields offers several options so you can report on Specials application date / discount amount / note / override date / override user. 


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