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13.2. Custom Notes

You can create Custom Notes which are added to Documentation (Reservation Summary, Itinerary Summary or Proforma Invoice) - so you can send important information to clients from the system with their Documentation - saving you the time and trouble of having to type out frequently requested information (e.g. directions to your property, or a packing list, or your booking terms and conditions), or send information outside the system.

You have several options when creating Custom Notes:

There is no limit to the number of Custom Notes you can create. Some or all of them can be Defaults, and some or all of them can be added Optionally when you need them.

To add notes which are not Defaults - open your Document, and click on the "My Document Notes" tab on the top right of the pop-up. You can then select which Note/s you wish to add.

Notes are added as plain Text - i.e. no fancy formatting. Or as an Image - which works well for designed/formatted documents.

To Create a Custom Note:

  1. Give it a description - which will not appear on the actual published Note.
  2. Give it a heading - which appears on the published Note.
  3. Click Add note section, which will give you a popup where you choose to add Text or an Image.
  4. If you choose Text - you will get a text box in which to enter your text. Click save - and you're done.
  5. If you choose Image - a popup will appear where you can browse for the image you want. Click save - and you're done.
    1. The images displayed on this Code Table will be the thumbnail version. When the note is displayed on the documentation, it will be the normal size.

To Delete a Custom Note:

  1. Click the small Delete Bin next to the section to delete that section.
  2. Click the main menu Delete Bin to delete the entire note.

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