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9.16. ResRequest Starter Pack: Customer management

ResRequest Starter Pack: Customer management


Communication with your customers is critical to the success of your business. With ResRequest you can setup and report on your customer histories, profiles and events. 

To communicate effectively with your customers, it is important to understand their preferences, and your history together. This requires recording and tracking information before, during and after the sales cycle. By centralising customer data,  tracking and managing customer relationships is simple and effective.


How ResRequest fits into your customer management strategy

As your central reservation and property management solution, ResRequest forms a key part of the sales and service cycle and offers a number of contact features that can be incorporated in your customer relationship strategy. 

When your customer books and travels with you, a reservation is created in ResRequest, this links the customer to the booking and a transaction history is established.

Over time, detailed contact information can be recorded in ResRequest, and sales, marketing and operations teams can incorporate this information into their customer strategy to effectively reach and engage customers.


ResRequest contact components

ResRequest's contact module is comprised of contact components. Some components provide traditional CRM functionality, such as recording profile information and events, while other components provide supplementary CRM information, such as a contact's home address and travel history. Information can be recorded and tracked for each component, adding value to your customer relationship management strategy.

Contact components include: 


Types of CRM 

For an effective CRM strategy, sales teams need to analyse, record and track relevant customer information throughout the transaction cycle.

Knowing your customer's specialities, their preferences and their history will help you maintain a good relationship through the sales, service and support stages. Managing your customer closely through each of these stages can help to: target your campaign, increasing sales; deliver the customer's expected service, improving customer satisfaction; and analyse results, increasing repeat business.

ResRequest provides CRM features to cater for all of these stages and, because of the dynamic nature of the contact's relationship with your business, there are two types of CRM: agent CRM and guest CRM.

ResRequest's Agent CRM helps to manage the relationship between you, the seller, and the sales agent. CRM features record and track contact particulars, sales profiles and events.

Sales Profile: Knowing your customer, can make it easier to target and generate sales. ResRequest's customisable profiling helps you store and report on information relevant to your business.  

CRM Events: Regular interaction with customers increases loyalty, leading to frequent sales. Events keeps track of interactions with agents and can be tagged with actions, descriptions and notes.


ResRequest's Guest CRM can be used to help you understand your guest preferences by reviewing their profile and travel history.

Guest Profile: Understanding your guest can help you engage with them to encourage repeat business. Guest profiling can help to target mail campaigns by filtering information based on customisable data, such as special events or hobbies.

Reviewing your guest's Trip History can help in the sales cycle by personalising sales communication and encouraging add on sales. Guest histories also help you to personalise the service delivery, increasing customer satisfaction and leading to repeat or new business.


Analysing your CRM strategy in ResRequest

Reporting and analysing contact and CRM information is necessary for specific CRM tasks and to track your sales and CRM progress.

ResRequest offers reports to show sales trends, contact particulars, profile information and past travel details.

Reviewing your data can be integrated into your daily activities so that you can use the information to your advantage. Once implemented it won't take long before using this information becomes second nature. And once you've populated it with data you'll start to see the benefits  increase over time.

Selecting the right reports for your CRM activity requires investing time to evaluate what information is relevant to your business and identifying the ResRequest reports that provide this information. Using ResRequest's reports will give you the information you need to track sales, produce mailing lists, filter profiles, review interactions and much more.

Guest Survey Interface

Customer satisfaction surveys are a method of asking your customers for their views on how well or how badly your hotel is performing. Surveys are valuable for businesses, as they help you gain an understanding of your customers' requirements so that you improve your products in line with your customers' needs. By proactively managing customer feedback from surveys, you can improve customer satisfaction and protect revenue and profitability. ResRequest provides a seamless interface to independent customer survey solution, eGuestSurv to help with this valuable business process.  



ResRequest offers you CRM features to compliment your customer relationship strategy. Contact our office if you would like our consulting team to help you integrate ResRequest into your customer care strategy.

Download the PDF of this starter pack.


By: Jill Bennett-Howes
November 2013

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